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USD 200 Million+

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- Accelerate intra-African trade, advance global trade and increase Africa's share of global trade.

- Digitise Africa’s trade ecosystem from Cape to Cairo

- Create a continental customs union to streamline trade and create real-time visibility of trade activities across all 55 African Union (“AU”) member states

- Build the digital infrastructure to establish a single marketplace for goods and services across all 55 AU member states

About Raindew Trade

Raindew Trade is a Trade and Supply Chain Financing and Services Platform providing working capital and supply chain solutions to corporates in Africa and other selected markets.

Our solutions include supply chain finance & services platforms, marketplaces, network trade platforms, pandemic mitigation supply chain finance and working capital platforms, digital supply chain and procure to pay solutions, payments systems & solutions, tech-enabled digital logistics and distribution platforms, cloud-based business networks and e-commerce platforms, and apps.

Our Commitment

Create economic opportunity for all through comprehensive working capital solutions and tech-enabled trade & supply chain solutions for corporate buyers and suppliers, including importers and exporters.

Why Raindew Trade?

  • - Boost your sales and trading activity
  • - Finance your B2B Trade
  • - Enjoy modern tools designed to grow your trading business
  • - Digitise your procure to pay and supply chain processes
  • - Join our community of trusted buyers and importers, suppliers and exporters, and financiers
  • - Reduce procurement and supply chain costs.

Enterprise Solutions

Investors and Financiers


Earn high yield with a low risk asset class

Raindew offers Institutional investors and financing institutions unprecedented access to uncorrelated, high absolute returns with low volatility. Raindew bridges the working capital needs for corporate buyers and suppliers, while providing a truly different and better alternative for cash and fixed income investors and financiers seeking attractive risk adjusted returns

Despite various supply chain disruptions, including COVID-19, the trade and supply chain finance asset class remains uncorrelated to the stock markets volatility, with fixed pricing and short-term self-liquidating nature of the asset.


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